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The exploration of wild (non-commerical) caves can be intimidating or dangerous for those without experience. Join our experienced guides and allow us to help you navigate the caves of Lancaster County and beyond.

Lancaster County is home to one of our favorite caves, which boasts more than 2000 feet of passageways to explore and is the largest tectonic cave in the state...and potentially the entire east coast.

Exploring caves is dirty and can include squeezing through tight passageways as well as scrambling up and over rock formations and boulders. Due to the natural cooling provided by being underground, you'll want to be prepared with long sleeves and long pants, and clothing that you don't mind getting dirty. Please be sure to check out our What to Bring Caving page.

A great feature of caving is the constant temperature that allows us to offer caving trips year round. It also provides a great 'backup' activity to our rock climbing trips, as caves can be explored on rainy days.


During our cave explorations, as with all of our activities, we practice Leave No Trace (minimum impact) ethics and work to leave the site in better shape than we found it.

Contact North Fork Adventures at or 717-413-1692 to arrange a day of guided caving for you or your group.

Our standard rates apply:

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