Rock climbing basics

Rock Climbing Basics is an introductory course to outdoor rock climbing, with no experience necessary.  The course includes instruction in basic climbing technique, including movement and standard safety practices. Join us as we help you challenge yourself on a variety top rope climbs with a broad range of difficulty, while learning the fundamental skills of rock climbing.


Our Rock Climbing Basics Course focused on: 

  • Climbing movement and technique

  • Introduction to equipment

  • Basic knots

  • Belay technique

advanced top rope



Most climbers begin climbing on their own with the safety and security of a top rope belay. With our Advanced Top Rope course, you'll learn about proper equipment, anchor systems, basic rescue skills and top rope site management techniques under the supervision of our experienced guides. Then, take your newfound knowledge to your local crag and beyond as you experience the freedom of climbing on your own. 


Our Advanced Top Rope courses are tailored to fit your personal level of experience, but focus on the following skill sets:


  • Top rope equipment

  • Knots and hitches

  • Natural and artificial anchors

  • Site safety and risk management

  • Basic rescue techniques

  • Proper belay techniques

  • Rapelling

Trad Fundamentals

Starting out in traditional climbing can be a daunting prospect. Learning the basics as the apprentice of a professional guide can take some of the stress and mystery out of the process.


Our Trad Fundamentals course begins with an evaluation of your climbing experience (if any) and then focuses on the following, as appropriate to your skill level:

  • Knots and hitches

  • Equipment for traditional climbing

  • Basic movement skills

  • Rappelling

  • Understanding multi-pitch systems

  • The role of the leader and the second

  • Basic self-rescue skills​

Top Rope Fundamentals


Top Rope Fundamentals covers the basic skills needed to begin the process of climbing on your own.  In addition to climbing and movement skills, participants will focus on knots for climbing, belay skills, and building top rope setups from natural anchors.  Some prior climbing experience recommended.


Our Top Rope Fundamentals courses begin at your current skill level, and typically focus on these skills:


  • Top rope equipment

  • Knots and hitches

  • Natural anchors

  • Site safety and risk management

  • Proper belay techniques

sport climbing fundamentals


Our Sport Climbing Fundamentals course is designed for climbers with previous climbing experience that are interested in stepping out on the 'sharp end' of the rope. This course covers lead belay technique, clipping technique, bolt evaluation and cleaning anchors.  Participants have the opportunity to perform a mock lead with the security of a top rope belay.


Our Sport Climbing Fundamentals course focuses on and/or includes:


  • Lead belay techniques

  • Clipping techniques

  • Risk management strategies in sport climbing

  • Bolt evaluation

  • Top anchors

  • Cleaning anchors



As guides and climbers, we're often amazed at how many experienced climbers that we meet at the crags are completely unprepared to rescue themselves or their partners when things go awry during their climb. Do you know how to handle emergency situations should the arise?


Our Self-Rescue courses are tailored to fit your personal level of experience, but focus on the following skill sets, using the equipment that you would typically have with you at the crag:


  • Backup Systems

  • Rescue Knots and Hitches

  • Releasable Systems

  • Ascension Techniques

  • Mechanical Advantage Systems

  • Hauling and Raising Techniques

  • Single and Multi-Pitch Rescue Rappels

  • Rescue Scenarios

AMGA Climbing wall Instructor


The Climbing Wall Instructor Program (CWI) was introduced to certify professionals who teach in an indoor or artificial wall environment. It aims to increase the level of professionalism in indoor climbing and to improve the level of climbing wall instruction, to develop a more consistent standard of care for climbing instructors, to evaluate the skills of climbing instructors and to provide guidance for further professional development.

This course addresses the basic technical skills necessary to manage an instructional program at a climbing facility. The course length is a minimum of 20 hours of instruction, skills demonstration, and evaluation, typically run over 2.5 days. Course can be held at Spooky Nook Sports in Lancaster, Pennsylvania...or at your site.

There are two certification levels:

  • AMGA CWI Top Rope

  • AMGA CWI Lead

Special rates apply, please contact us for more info.


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