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Group Programs

North Fork Adventures provides more than just climbing adventures and instructional programs for small groups. We also provide top rope climbing and programs for a variety of larger groups. 


Our group programs include:

  • Top roping for friends, family and organized groups

  • Top rope and instructional programs for colleges and universities

  • Merit badge, top rope and instructional programs for Scout groups

Friends, Family and organized groups

Top rope climbing and rappelling with friends and family is a great way to experience the great outdoors and find a bit of adventure. No experience is needed, and we provide all of the necessary technical equipment. All of the areas that we climb have routes that are appropriate for almost all ability levels.

Scout Programs

Rock climbing has long been a staple of scouting programs, and for good reason. Climbing is an excellent way for scouts to learn a specific outdoor skill, work on teamwork, push themselves out of their current comfort zone...and have fun in the outdoors!


North Fork Adventures offer the following programs specifically for scouts:

  • Merit badge training

  • Top roping and rappelling

College and University Programs


From single day top rope programs to multi-year academic guide and instructor training courses, college and university programs are at the heart of our group programming.


Programs that we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Top rope climbing for outing clubs

  • Programming for student affairs or student life outdoor adventure programs 

  • Programs for academic credit through Recreation Management, Outdoor Leadership, Adventure Sports Management, Physical Education or similar degree programs and departments

  • Training and certification programs for student and university outdoor leaders

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