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Rock Climbing


Hiring a private guide (or guides) for climbing or instruction is an ideal way to maximize your experience with North Fork Adventures. 

Private guiding and private instruction offer an opportunity to rapidly expand your skills and get the most out of your climbing time.


Our high guide to participant ratio leads to more time on the rock and accelerates the learning process through personalized attention. 


North Fork Adventures offers rock climbing instruction for beginning to advanced climbers.


Private instruction is available, as are scheduled courses that are open to online registration.


Courses range from one to three days and include:

  • Rock Climbing Basics

  • Top Rope Fundamentals

  • Advanced Top Rope

  • Sport Climbing Fundamentals

  • Multi-Pitch Fundamentals

  • Traditional Lead Climbing

  • AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor Course and Certification



North Fork Adventures provides more than just climbing adventures and instructional programs for small groups. We also provide top rope climbing and programs for a variety of larger groups. 

Our group programs center include:


  • Top roping for friends, family and organized groups

  • Top rope and instructional programs for colleges and universities

  • Merit badge, top rope and instructional programs for Scout groups

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